Principal’s Message

Warm greetings with the love of Jesus Christ! 

We are almost at the end of 2020. To say that this year has been specially challenging with the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is an overemphasis.  Many institutions or organizations had been caught with their guards down as the spread of the virus started to rise in alarming proportions in some major cities of the world towards the second quarter.  But in the midst of the uncertainties, PIA, with and by God’s grace, has been able to navigate through the first three quarters of this schoolyear 2020-2021 with confidence and sustained momentum. The ACE system has certainly been very responsive to the demands of the times.  While many schools, particularly those that have adopted the conventional system of classroom instruction had to abruptly shift gears for their instructional materials to be modified in form, PIA did not have to struggle with this challenge.  Adjustments were made in terms of delivering readily available, contingency-adaptable materials on-line.  The shift has also not been difficult since some of the core subjects have their materials made available via internet by the ACE Ministries in the USA. The children were quick to learn the mechanics of the ePACES, from goal setting to doing their individualized learning procedures. For non-web-based PACES, students together with their supervisors and other school staff have managed well with technology.


On a more exciting note, PIA has thrived in the midst of this pandemic. While some schools have suffered a decline in their enrollment, PIA accepted more than thirty (30) new students this school year.  Inquiries have continued to come in and a number of students have taken the admission test.  These developments are nothing short of God’s goodness and faithfulness.


In addition, we have acquired the property across our existing facility.  This additional property answers our need for a bigger space as enrollment increases.  It will undergo some renovations before students can have their PACE work there.  Again, God has answered our prayers in His perfect time.


For staff continued development and learning, we recently attended the virtual Christian Education Conference (CEC) for the Far East (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand).  The series of discussions provided the school personnel guideposts, reminders, reinforcements, and pointers on student-teacher dynamics such as student motivation, carrying on and keeping our focus on the organization’s vision and mission, preparing students for ministry, assessing what we have been and where we want to go, and building teamwork.


With teamwork as our by-word, PIA continues to count on the collective effort of its students, parents, and school personnel in steering the institution towards its vision of building godly leaders for Myanmar and even beyond its borders.


The annual Regional Student Convention did not push through this year because of the current situation.  But we look forward to a more active participation in future student conventions as PIA aspires to do more and better for its constituents, and to ultimately achieve a model status in the ACE system.


I wish you all a blessed Christmas and all of God’s best in the new year ahead!


Mrs. Naw Wah Wah Htoo

Administrator, PIA