Learning Centers

PIA has KG to 12 levels and has students in all levels. Even though it is individualized learning program, we grouped into KG and 5 learning centers; KG Learning Center: KG students, Learning Center 1: Level 1 students, Learning Center 2: Level 2 Students, Learning Center 3: Level 3 and 4 students, Learning Center 4: Level 5, 6 and 7 students, Learning Center 5: Level 8 and above students.

Although schools may look alike on the surface – buildings, classrooms, hallways, and teachers – schools using the curriculum of A.C.E. are distinctively different. The physical features may be similar, but the interior will have dramatic differences.

While conventional classrooms group students by age rather than ability, students in a Learning Center using A.C.E. curriculum work in individual offices and learn and study according to personalized levels of learning.

Students using A.C.E. curriculum study at their own rate and level of learning. Instead of following a teacher’s lesson plan; each student sets his own goals. He learns to plan and meet his goals and also learns to become responsible for his actions. College students thank A.C.E. for this type of training, which accelerates their college success.